CH-Bioforce is the developer of the best biomass fractionation technology in the world.


The foundation of the company’s technology lies in deep understanding of fundamental biomass chemistry.


The CH-Bioforce technology can fractionate biomass into its three main constituents


Ingenious chemistry is combined with innovative reactor design and processing.

A cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce pure bio based materials.

Photo by AlexRaths/iStock / Getty Images

CH-Bioforce was founded in 2016 to deliver the best in class biomass fractionation technology. We can fractionate biomass in a novel and innovative way to offer a new feedstock source for the chemical industry providing high value end products. Our know-how lies in a deep understanding of fundamental biomass chemistry. Broad academic and industrial collaboration and networking enables us to create state of the art technologies.



Joint owner base links us with our co-operation companies.
We work together and share R&D facilities with


Our mother company specializing on industrial services & products.


Supplies high quality binders for paper and packaging, nonwoven and paints & coatings industries.

Producing high performance specialty pigments.

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