About us

CH-Bioforce is the developer behind the best biomass fractionation technology in the world – an innovation that certainly didn’t come about by chance. The company’s technology is founded on a deep understanding of fundamental biomass chemistry. Broad academic and industrial collaboration and networking enable us to create state-of-the-art technologies where ingenious chemistry is combined with innovative reactor design and processing.

You might be interested in how we got to where we are today. Here’s our story.

Back in 2011, wood chemistry specialists Sebastian von Schoultz, Lari Vähäsalo and Nicholas Lax made a surprising discovery: by using vacuum and ensuring precise chemical control, they discovered it was possible to extract hemicelluloses in high yield and purity in their native polymeric form. None of the competing processes were able to maintain this polymeric form, or the yield and purity of their extracts were otherwise minuscule. von Schoultz, Vähäsalo and Lax knew they had created something special and started to develop their finding further.

After a few years of experiments, CH-Bioforce Oy was established in 2016 together with Oy Chemec Ab. The Chemec Group operates in the chemical industry, which is keen to replace fossil and food-based materials with bio-based raw materials.

So, like many successful companies, the story of CH-Bioforce also started in a garage. Today, all three inventors are still integral in the company’s operations as we continue to grow. Our team brings together over 190 years of experience in biorefinery technologies, chemistry, project management, new business development and entrepreneurship.

Our demonstration plant with its capacity of 1000 kg of wood is located in Raisio, Finland.

Important channels

Mari Taipale

Chief Operating Officer

  • +358 40 539 6609
  • mari.taipale@ch-bioforce.com

Sebastian von Schoultz

Co-founder, Chief Business Officer

  • +358 40 516 0559

  • sebastian.schoultz@ch-bioforce.com

Lari Vähäsalo

Co-founder, R&D Director

  • +358 40 351 2820

  • lari.vahasalo@ch-bioforce.com
Nicholas Lax

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

  • +358 40 540 8854

  • nicholas.lax@ch-bioforce.com

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