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Properties of Lignense produced by our Bioforsense technology

  • Sulphur-free
  • Reactive

  • Low molar mass 1500 – 3000 g/mol

Lignin is nature’s own inexhaustible resource. Lignin can be used to make many wearable products and cut plastic consumption, such as in the shoe industry, where it can replace plastic in soles.

Lignin can be found in every tree and plant on earth, constituting about a third of their biomass. Lignin is, by nature, a branched and cross-linked polymer, which contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups. It has therefore found a myriad of applications as emulsifier, dispersant, binder, adhesive and additive in industries as diverse as construction, agriculture, water treatment, oil drilling and ore processing. Lignin can also be turned into plastic for injection moulding and even bio-based carbon fibres.

Lignin can also be converted to plastic and decrease the carbon footprint of many products. Many manufacturers say lignin meets their production demands very well, as it is an environmentally friendly raw material found almost worldwide. It is a true, viable alternative to plastics, distinguished by its qualities, availability, and superiority over oil-based products.

Lignin, CH-Bioforce
CH-Bioforce shoe soles can be made out of lignin
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