CH-Bioforce – The Bioforce of Nature


We strive for a dream. It is a dream of a cleaner world. CH-Bioforce was established to fully utilize the bio raw materials of the world and end the increase of industrial waste.

The modern consumer industries – clothing, cosmetics, and others – use tons of fossil-based raw materials to make their products usable. At the same time, many industrial raw material side streams, like straw from beer barley, end up being burned. Burning the valuable biomaterial causes billions of tons of unhealthy emissions globally whereas they could be utilized in replacing various harmful or fossil-based ingredients in the manufacturing of various consumer products.

This doesn’t have to be the status quo. We want to change that. We want to turn the waste into real value for our and the globe’s sake.

Our solution – the fractionation technology

With our revolutionary technology, all biomass components can be converted into high-value products in an economically profitable way. It might sound a bit technical but it is already in use.

Biomass is a various waste or side streams of industrial production – barley from beer brewing, bark from the wood industry, straw from food industry, to name a few – and globally we can access millions of tons of biomass.

Using our technology, these biomasses will be turned to hemicellulose, lignin, and pulp, with high purity and with countless applications. You can read more of these here.

We dream of a world without plastic waste and oil-based consumer goods. In our vision, nature is doing well and we can use natural ingredients in everyday life products. These fractionations hemicellulose, pulp, and lignin can and are being used in cosmetics, packaging, and clothing for example but we need them to be the first choice for binding, emulsifying, elasticity, or additive material. So we can replace oil- and fossil-based ingredients globally and make a real impact.

Join us on our journey – let’s work together!

CH-Bioforce Material Flow