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Properties of Cellense produced by our Bioforsense technology

  • Very high α-cellulose content (up to 98%)
  • Fibres intact, no signs of peeling

  • Easy to bleach and fibrillate

Meet the textile industry’s new trendsetter – cellulose, also commonly called pulp. Cellulose is an environmentally friendly and multipurpose replacement for cotton, such as in jeans, and many oil-based raw materials.

Dissolving cellulose is manufactured for applications that require a high chemical purity and a particularly low hemicellulose content. The biggest market at present is the textile industry, where it is used as a substitute for cotton and oil-based raw materials. Dissolving cellulose can also be refined into micro-fibrillated cellulose, used in foodstuffs such as sausage casings, or utilised to make thickeners and emulsifiers.

The textile industry generates a large share of unwanted emissions and the world needs to find better ways to produce more sustainable clothing. Luckily, cellulose is a solution. Nature’s own diverse raw material is easy to bleach, and its fibres stay intact. So next time you buy a pair of jeans, make a statement and choose sustainably manufactured ones.

CH-Bioforce – Pulp
CH-Bioforce's photo of a person wearing jeans and a yellow jacket
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