CH-Bioforce – The Bioforce of Nature


Properties of Xylense produced by our Bioforsense technology

  • Hemicellulose content exceeds 95%

  • Polymeric hemicelluloses with high molar mass

  • Up to 50% solids content in hemicellulose extract

Hemicellulose can be used in the production of various daily products, such as takeaway coffee cups, cosmetics, and food. This renewable natural biopolymer can also be used in consumer packaging to make more natural and environmentally friendly packages which replace plastic. In cosmetics, hemicellulose gives lotions a smooth, easily applicable consistency.

About 25% of wood biomass is made up of hemicellulose. Due to its water solubility, biodegradability and amorphous, flexible structure, hemicellulose is an interesting raw material for several high-value purposes. Its polysaccharide structure can be hydrolysed to sugars, which can be used in the production of different biofuels and chemicals. Polymeric, natural hemicellulose can be used as an environmentally friendly and inexpensive emulsifier to stabilise food and cosmetic products.

Hemicellulose is a multipurpose, renewable biopolymer with many versatile applications. It is one of the solutions of the future for reducing plastics use and making edibles and consumables more natural and more sustainable.

CH-Bioforce – Hemicellulose
Photo of a sustainable coffee takeaway cup. CH-Bioforce hemicellulose consumer packaging
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