• Lignin

Towards a circular bioeconomy: lignin as a renewable alternative to chemical industry

Friday 30.8.2019|

The chemical industry is almost entirely dependent on petroleum. Everyday products, from plastics, cosmetics and paints to adhesives and drugs are often made from oil. However, global challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution are now shifting the focus towards renewable and biodegradable raw materials.
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CH-Bioforce receives over €2 million grant from EU’s Horizon 2020

Tuesday 9.4.2019|

CH-Bioforce has received significant funding as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME programme. CH-Bioforce was one of 68 companies selected for funding by the SME Instrument strand of the European Innovation Council in the final round of 2018. The project has been allocated a total budget of over €3 million and will run for two years.
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